How to get rid of the weed smell?

How to get rid of Weed smell

Brushing teeth day and night is one of the main motives for good dental hygiene for both men and women. However, eliminating bad breath is one of the chaos in life. Some people might make a judgement on this also if they catch your lousy breath after you’ve smoked weed. They would instantly come to know that you are a stoner. Walking around with the smell of marijuana in the mouth is not just a problem; you might get kicked off the home too. So, what precautions you can take to save your butt? Thinking of the same? 

How to get rid of weed smell

Well, try these methods to get rid of marijuana breath and never get caught in life.

Practicing good hygiene needs commitment, and also you need to set rules in life. Suppose your parents come to know that you’re smoking weed behind there back. Still, the weed smell is lesser than as compared to alcohol, but you wonder what it might cause to you if you get caught by any chance. Just follow the methods and stay alert.

Always carry a chewing gum:

eat gums

Always carry a chewing gum with you to fight lousy weed breath. As it is cheap and readily available, go to any confectionary shop and buy your stock and chew it instantly after smoking. And boom within 30 seconds of chewing you’ll feel fresh. Try not to chew it more than 5 min as you’ll start to feel cotton mouth if you are not hydrated enough.

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Try out some mints or chocolates:

Mint or chocolate

Try out some mints such as Polo or Mentos, just before heading back home or if you want a better high and want to cover up the foul smell of weed then go ahead and eat some chocolates. Sweets just after smoking weed trigger your high a bit. But if you are not looking to begin it more, you can go for some dark chocolate, 50% and above dark chocolate is good.

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Use a mouthwash:

use mouthwash

Use a mouthwash if you can safely enter directly into your room without anyone noticing you. Mouthwash like Listerine cool mint or Oral B is a better option. The liquid mouthwash not only freshens you up but also takes care of your oral hygiene. If you have sensitive teeth than just a swig of Listerine would be enough.

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Brushing Teeth:

brush your teeth

See smoking causes changes in your teeth colour and turns it into a yellowish form which looks awful. Always brush your teeth if you don’t have a mouthwash with you, on the off chance that you can securely go into legitimately into your room without anybody seeing you. Use superior alternatives like Sensodyne or Oral B. Brushing too spruces you up and deals with your oral cleanliness and makes your teeth much whiter. On the off chance that you have delicate teeth than only use Sensodyne.

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Eat a fruit:

Eat your fruits

The best option if you carry fruits with you and you’re heading back home from college, trust me this is the best time to eat it. Especially, apple or any citric fruit like orange. It contains polyphenols that help in causing bad breath. Try it now, and you’ll get to know about it. 

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Drink juice:

drink juice

If you don’t have the above options handy with you, then the best option for you is now to any store and buy Frooti or go to any Juice corner and satisfy your thirst via juice. It helps as it provides sufficient vitamins while you’re dehydrated and also gets rid of the awful weed smell.

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Eat food:

eat food

You might as well get munchies after smoking weed and get rid of the horrible weed smell; the smart option is to eat food as it covers two scenarios, one – satisfy up to your munchies, second – removes the bad weed breath. Be that as it may, eating after smoking marijuana makes you make your kind of smell like Burger or Shawrma, depends upon what you’re making.

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Drink shake or coffee:

drink shakes

You can also drink shakes or coffee if you don’t want to drink juice at the moment. Coffee is a good option if you’d like to lessen your high as caffeine in its form is an energy booster and if you’d like to enhance your high then go for any smoothie or shakes such chocolate shake or mango shake.

Start using vaporizer:

use vaporizers

If you are not feeling happy with your regular joint, then you can start using vaporizers as it has lesser chances of having any smell in it. Though you might still get cotton mouth, it’s still not a proper solution, but you’d always end up getting high for sure.

Try eating edibles:

 Eating Cannabis Edibles

Last but not least, if you don’t like any of the above methods. Then bake some hash brownies or weed edibles. Weed edibles high longer and doesn’t make you have any bad smell in your mouth or try some cannabutter.

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