Different names of weed in India?

Weed in INDIA

Regardless of whether it’s hippie or babas in the Himalayas; smoking weed or charas chillums on the side of the road. 

Smoky Shiva sanctuaries concealed away from the principle drag, sharp wild cannabis developing in the mountains, weed is a necessary piece of India, attempt as the government does to deny it. 

The Indian government and its people fail to consider weed compared to tobacco, as they are going to get much more in terms of tax. Yet, we Indians are being patient waiting for the right time to get it legalized so that tobacco becomes subside and weed on the other causes less or no cancer-causing deaths after its implementation. It’s no incident that the Hindu Kush mountains enlivened the name of the well-known strain! Shockingly, weed is likewise unlawful in India, so there’s a minimal open conversation about it. 

 popular weed strains -

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Different names of Weed in India:

Different people from all parts of the world Comes to India to Try These Special Buds, With regards to Getting High. One of the five whole plants is the weed or cannabis, referenced in the Vedas, alongside soma and grain. It is a piece of our therapeutic and otherworldly culture. In Ayurveda, it was utilized to improve memory, against uncleanliness, and numerous different things. Insufficient has spoken to be that as it may, about the various assortments of cannabis accessible in our weedy wonderland. 

Idukki Gold, Kerala

Idukki Gold

The golden-green goodness, Idukki Gold or Kerala Gold is the name of a strain of cannabis which got planted in Idukki in southern India, Kerela. Anyway, new assortments are almost as adequate in Kerala as the first Idukki strain got disappeared in 2013 and the same cultivation became impossible. Never mistake shilavati weed as Kerela gold, as peddlers might fool you into buying it by saying it is the same as Kerela gold. 

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Shillong Mango, Meghalaya

shillong weed

The absolute cleanest weed in all of India is probably in Shillong. It is generally Sativa and joined with the peacefulness of Cherrapunji. For stoners around the world who like a fruity flavour in their intoxication, the Shillong mango is the best choice for them. It’s no big surprise Indians are rushing toward Meghalaya.

Mysore Mango, Karnataka

Mysore Mangoe

The Mango Kush of Mysore is a sort of Indica weed that is well-known for its one of a kind fruity taste. It is probably the best kind of weed found in India today. Spotless, green, and seedless. For all the mango fans out there, this is one of the best satisfaction for you. However, it doesn’t pose a flavour like a mango; however, emits the fragrance of the King of Fruits. You get an incredibly high and superior taste.

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Golden Weed, Assam

golden weed assam

Pleasant, clean Bhutanese weed is entirely simple to drop by in Assam. It’s merely inexpensive and is almost available in every part of India. Assam golden weed is not only famous for its intoxication product but also because of the availability of tea and even the sheer natural beauty of the place.

Jungla or Sulfa 


It generally suggests hashish scoured from cannabis that is growing wild. It’s not incredible, yet in case it’s immaculate, it’s still altogether beguiling but creates headache after downer. Sulfa gets derived from the male plant by rubbing it on hands and is available in most parts of Northern India.

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Malana Cream, Himachal Pradesh

Malana Cream

Found in the village of Malana in Himachal Pradesh, this is the purest form in the charas category. It is the best in the world and is a bit oily too. It is the reason why India became famous among millions of stoners. It is easier to get your hands on Malana cream than getting Kerela gold due to strict policies.

Super Cream, Himachal Pradesh

super cream

Typically alludes to the hash delivered from the principal rub of a wholly developed cannabis plant. Super cream is profoundly intense and truly damn costly as well. It is the same as Malana cream but in its superior quality.

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Manipuri Weed

manipuri weed

Grown in Imphal Valley of Manipur, it is one of the strong Sativa from the traditional categories of ganja which is refined in nature and is vital too. It is Sativa that boosts your energy level.

Gourbhanga Weed, West Bengal

gourbhanga weed

It is a common category weed but not the worst either and people below the poverty line to afford it. However, most people at Kolkata buy it and smoke it, and gives you a fair amount of high.

Bhang, available in most parts of North India

Bhang Material

Mostly consumed on the occasion of Holi, it has been created by smashing up the seeds of weed plants and creating a fine paste out of it. Then it is served in the form of thandai. 

weed orange

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