How to get high the first time smoking weed.

how to get high first time smoking weed

To be very honest with you guys, in regards to smoking weed and getting high for the first time, people all around the world including youngsters especially from India know unequivocally about how magical and transformative marijuana is actually. See if you’re a beginner and taking steps over to become a stoner, so your first time is smoking weed and getting high experience should be exciting and much more memorable. Right? Or there might be chances you want to get over with anxiety, depression, or maybe stress or maybe you’re just not in a position of smoking pot for the first time and not sure what high it’ll get you? Don’t you worry my friend because we are here to help you regarding the same?

get high first time smoking weed

We’ve put together this ultimate guide for you where you’ll get to know each and everything about how to get high for the first time smoking weed?

Quality of weed:

quality of weed

See if you were living in a country like where marijuana is legal then there is very much less chaos in finding good quality strains of kush, go directly to the dispensaries and choose your stash out of the available variety. But in a country like India where marijuana not legalized yet, finding excellent quality weed is a challenge for you all. You can either go to Shillong, Kasol and buy your own fresh as mint weed or either find good peddlers and buy it from them but I would strictly recommend not to go for low-quality weeds as they contain harmful chemicals within it just to give you toxic high. Good quality weeds always give you mellow high and never mess up with your head. 

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Types of weed:

Types Of Weed

There are two subspecies of weed one is Sativa strains which mainly trigger out your cerebral or mind high. In contrast, the other one is Indica strains that primarily deliver body high, eventually making you relax. Indica strain might look a bit dark green, short and dense and Sativa, on the other hand, looks lightish green, tall, and lean. Science says people feel more energized while smoking Sativa and people who tend to smoke Indica feel more on their body high. However, Sativa is said to take for day use, and Indica is said to take on night use. If you feel like smoking weed at night, go for Indica as it contains higher CBD% and on the other hand, has a lower THC%. High THC content is horrendous for the evening as it messes up with your sleep, and you’ll keep on having dark circles the following day. The dark circles generally go away until you apply dark circle remover cream. Except if you’re smoking before anything else in the morning and want to “Wake and Bake “you can stick to Sativa strains that contain high THC% or else stick with CBD predominant strains. Totally up to you.

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Inhale deep in your lungs:

How To Smoke Cannabis Correctly

While smoking a weed joint, make sure that every puff counts. Go ahead, boom the joint and take your first puff and try not to cough and hold it for at least more than 2-3 seconds. Feel the smoke of weed deep in your lungs. You cannot instantly get high out of weed if you are not holding long enough. In many cases, people don’t feel much when they smoke marijuana for the first time as their mind takes time to analyze the THC. In the other case, people cough the hell out and laugh unconditionally without any reason. When you get high, your eyes start getting low and become red; eventually, you’ll end up getting a hell lot of munchies. As weed joints are tar free smoke, so don’t worry and smoke happily.

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Select your genre:

select your music

Always before booming a joint, make sure you align some good tracks out of your playlist. Songs depending upon genre to genre triggers your high and bpm plays a vital role in it. I’ve personally experienced chill music with Indica, and a good bpm song like cosmic or psychedelic goes out well with Sativa. So always go on a piece of excellent music. People also tend to go with techno, but when you’re alone, it doesn’t go along that well. Soon I’ll be writing articles for best songs to listen to while smoking weed. So be patient till you grab hold of it.

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Go for blunts:

Blunt joint

Whether it’s the first time or you’re used to it, your fellow friends might suggest you smoke weed mixed with some amount of tobacco with it. My personal experience on this is that this might be a little poison for you as people tend to smoke marijuana only because they want to stay away from cancer. To burn it properly, you might initiate dry cells in your lungs again. Blunt gives you the relevant high you need, believe me on this. So it’s highly imperative for every stoner out there to carry a lighter with them and light your joint at intervals whenever it stops burning. Stop putting tobacco in it. 

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Prioritize on comfortable zone:

smoke in comfortable zone

Researchers state that smoking weed causes fewer accidents as compared to drink and drive. My fellow friends, the first thing is to keep in mind is that please don’t play with your life. Absolutely under no circumstances go for a drive when you get high. Make sure you give your car to a sober person or else smoke it in your damn balcony y’all. Smoke it at comfortable locations where you can get a happy high, don’t push yourself in vulnerable situations. It might influence your anxiety sometimes. 

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Be precausive :

precaution while smoking weed

In the end, if a beginner ever wonders how to get high for the first time smoking weed, people never go for advanced smoking methods like bongs, smoke pipe, or gravity smokes as it is for people whose lungs are comfortable inhaling high amounts of smoke. Always go for slim joints at first and have small deep puffs out of it. Advanced methods might give you a killer high, but they’ll make you cough to your death, and you’ll get a mad high.

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