Is Weed Legal In India?

Weed legal

Ganja was one of its kind that was used in Ayurveda in the early century. It is mentioned how to cure tuberculosis step by step using Weed in an originated sequence. Weed only cures nausea labour synopsis and even leprosy, and I am no kidding, it is mentioned in the Atharvaveda. Specifically for leprosy, the only cure is Ganja. Our ancient rishis who wrote Ayurveda, they felt that amongst all the category of 6000 plants, Weed should be considered as the king of plants due to cure functioning healing properties, and should be called Vijaya. So who are we to ban Weed in India? 

Even in “Shivpuran”, things on Weed are highlighted clearly, and still, it is not to be considered adequate according to Indian Mythology. 

Cannabis in india

Is Weed not legal in India yet?

In 1895 the British hemp commission report was created, a book of 3500 pages stating and it was that point when Weed started to demolish from our culture, from our Ayurveda forever. That is is the same year when the clever Britishers launched their modern medicine the allopathy or alcohol. 

Till 1965 India tried hard that not to ban Weed from our country, but then came the foreigners and said no it would make you rich because we were not revolutionized till that time and failed to stand back on this. 

Under American pressure, the Rajiv Gandhi government bans this natural herb in 1985 finally. Cannabis sativa and hemp both got discontinued. But for what? Well educated persons ended up framing Weed as a synthetic drug. And the ones who pressurized and illegalized it from our country have taken out benefits in their own country by legalizing it. Where is the sense here? The US legalized it in 28 states for medicinal purposes, 11 states for recreational purposes; in fact, more than 20-30 countries have it legalized.

Since the past, it is said that the Ganja is a poor person drug, no poor person can afford allopathic medicine or alcohol, to remove their pain, it became a poor person drug. Even today our parents if they get to know about that whether we are smoking Weed they’d make an impression in their mind that their son/daughter has now ingesting “Rickshaw Wala Drug”. 

For our elders, I can mention that people from especially brahman background, it is said that Shiv lord Prasad “The Weed” is said to be the served to shiv ling at the time of Shivratri, it’s very much necessary otherwise the ceremony stands incompleted. 

It was first highlighted in atharveda itself about its qualities for anxiety relief and much more body-related cure. Not only it cures, but it delivers peace to one’s mind and soul.

To elucidate it thoroughly, understand that “If you give a Knife to a doctor and one to a criminal. From the same Knife, the doctor would surely do its surgery and would save its patient but on the other hand, the criminal with the same Knife would use it in a weaponry way and commit a crime”. So we should ban the Knife too right? Let’s all stop cutting vegetables and everything with a knife. Can we do this? No! What a stupid hypocrisy it is.

It is stated by researchers of Howard that alcohol has taken many lives, have you ever heard that a person dies due to Weed? Take the example of Bob Marley. Take live measures guys, go on google it. 

Weed is also criticized for creating mental instability and making a person addicted to it. I want to mention that our uneducated friends are starting to avoid here. People are there who are addicted to perfumes, clothes, and even spicy food. So can we ban all these necessities? 

Just like ethanol is base in allopathic medicines, the same in Ayurveda, the key ingredient was the Weed.

Weed is a base of Ayurveda, and it is banned and even after standing of Ayush ministries why do you think we still lack behind in creating ayurvedic medicines at its best? It is straightforward as when you’ll remove the backbone of a person how do you expect that person to perform its level best at any platform? People suffering from lymph node tuberculosis are cured with Weed and is mention in Ayurveda. Have you ever met a person suffering from leprosy, try and talk to them and you’ll get to know how painful it is when the bacteria start them eating from inside! And can all be cured via Ganja. There is an endocannabinoid system in our body that produces THC. Yes!! THC can be accouched within our body, stated by the western doctors. And this statement was already expressed back in ancient times, yet no one was there to take recognition for it, and western culture played their game. Just like they took our Gold, they took all our work recognition. Even in mothers, first pale milk out breasts contains THC. Never mind.

So that you know there are more than 400 components in Weed. The only THC within it is said to bring a bit amount of high in your cerebral activity. In Ayurveda, Rishi Munis stated how to use all different components for what disease and how to cure it.

weed in india

But what happened in these 20 years that it got demolished?

Why do you think the world out there has accepted it now? There are more than 20 countries out there that have legalized cannabis. Canada too legalized it and in a recreational way. Weed was firstly considered good at this point, only in India. According to the British hemp commission, they made a report based on interviewing 1200-2000 people in India, where the categories varied from fakirs to doctors. They all stated we smoke it and we don’t hassle for craving food. We stay fine. As India was low, most people didn’t have money to buy medicine or food, so they use the alternative to calm their desire. It is a documented book by Britishers themselves.

Britishers concluded that due to this, the people did not desire alcohol or medicines as their first choice of priority, if they feel sick, they consume Weed if tired, they go and have Weed. That brought a decline in the market for alcohol and medicines. Even this first cloth and paper in India was derived from the leaves of cannabis. Uttrakhand and Himachal are famous for its clothing by the hemp material and trust me it’s much more durable than your branded products out there. According to the Washington Post, when Weed got legalized automatically, there was a decline in the usage of medicines and alcohol at around 10%. They knew the marijuana industry would collapse their business so yet they did what they are at best. Made India fooled and snatched its Gold again.

And it is framed only in our country. See only cannabis is the only plant that gives you biofuel, clothing and used as medicinal purposes. So who are we to ban it in India? The Golden Land of Weed? I ask why?

Weed is the type of plant in which Hiroshima and Nagasaki are growing since the atom bomb dropped over there. Do you know why? 

After the bombing, there is still radioactivity underneath that land, creating multiple diseases and disorders for people out there, and life was not stable there until they started growing Weed on their land. Last ten years they cultivated cannabis non-stop to extract that total radioactivity. And on the other hand in our country where drought is coming all that cancer happening due to over putting of pesticides in vegetable plants and injecting them up with chemicals causing cancer. 

Tobacco is a mere ingredient of drugs and is openly sell. See the irony. It has the same quality as Gold as it delivers so much quality. But hence people end up criticizing it for I don’t know why! Alzheimer too gets cured with Weed in western culture. Search it on google. Alzheimer’s has directly been related to people who have a terrible endocannabinoid system. It is the worst sort of disease, trust me. 

Western scientist admits that if it were not mentioned in Ayurveda, “The key benefits of Weed“, they would have never been able to come to this conclusion this far. Thankfully few people are coming up with the petition to legalize it in India for once and for all. 

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How Weed boosts medicinal and industrial power?

Vijaya is not just a joke; it would cure you medically but also industrially as it provides clothing, plastic, biofuel, metal, and too many other products. In 1940 for launched a card made of cannabis and Porsche last year did the same. 

See? The Weed that we are supposed to serve to lords is prohibited in India? The cannabis industry is that type of enterprise that is economically favourable and environmentally accepted. Now it might be making a bit sensitive to you, yeah? Now I’ll drop in some more sense.

India’s current problem right now is a decline in the economy due to coronavirus, fuel, plastic and paper use, and also cloth. 

See there are many countries such as Australia, Canada, Israel, America, Germany, and many more. Are they all fools? It’s a modernized world we cannot do the entire time Jai Shree ram and feel if we are pretending to be ‘Bhakts’, we’ll survive. Trust me, brother & sister, the way we are pelting stones on each other no god would happen to come out there and save you in Kalyug. 

The economy, on the other hand, can only be scaled if Weed gets legalized. Tobacco gives tax to the government, which is nothing as compared to Weed if it gets legalized. I wonder what would happen next after coronavirus. To balance the economy now is to save patients and retrieve tax by legalizing Weed. Trust me. We are not left with any option. India was under a lot of debt and after this, do you think we wouldn’t get the necessities on an expensive rate from now on? It’s better to grow Weed and sell and stand back. To be honest America, by the year 2021 is going to have more job opportunities in the hemp sector as compared to the manufacturing industry. It has various qualities so why ban it, fellas? 

You’ll be spiritually active with Weed and see a parallel world, and if you want to weaken the children, stop making them milk, and eventually the kid would end up growing weak. THC is vital to believe it or not. The biggest world astrophysicists also said the Weed is not supposed to be ban anywhere in the world. All cancer, neurological, inflammatory, diabetes, cardiovascular, obsestithcal, skin and bacterial, pain, and anxiety sort diseases get cured with the use of Weed. Also earlier for gynaec issues, Weed was used so that without a problem, the labour receives accomplished. Since that time, India was a first step ahead; however, it ended up being in a loop for these many years and yet wasn’t recognized for what it brought to the world as they know Marijuana.

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When Weed helps in rejuvenating, why is not legalized back?

When is everyone saying to legalize then what is the problem creating a barrier here? Government? No, the government is not that responsible here. 

Three years back, Menaka Gandhi took a step and said that Weed should be legalized and used for medicinal and industrial purposes. 3years back government if you have teams to research for it then go ahead and make a report for the same, yet people backlashed here. See we all need to understand due to global warming the world is doing today. When can you get biofuel out weed within five months of growing it then what are we waiting for? Where does it all leading to us without Weed? Think about it? Think when it would be legalized what benefits it would bring? See if you think it’s a synthetic drug I repeat it is not. It is a natural herb. And anything did in limits never cause problems. For example: If you drink too much water, you’ll eventually puke. In the same manner, if you drink alcohol beyond limits, you would vomit. So stop criticizing and be positive on the facts. Products made out of hemp, especially clothes cause no storage of sweat and hence save you from many diseases such as prostate cancer, erection dysfunctionality, and cancer.

Did you know?

Hemp contains omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. These are all vital for many necessities. But where it was first cultivated? In India, yet no one is there to fight for it!

Take an example of Nepal; they have their hemp ministry. They mentioned that why would they leave this kind of money that this product is delivering with ultimate benefits without tearing down the motherland and its peak of mountains. It grows anywhere with and without water. There is no plant as such.

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Is weed addiction a problem?

It is much better than alcohol or porn addiction. Some lunatics tend to be more dangerous than a stoner. The number of death of an addicted person to alcohol is somewhere around 500 a day in India. However, there is no death been recorded with Marijuana, but there was one stoner who got died as he was hit by a car driven by a drunken person.

Be that as it may, even if it is not legalized yet the black market makes out a lot of money through it. The Himachal still produces 60,000 kgs where only 10% is used officially, so what do you think the rest of the product goes?

There are places like Uttrakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Odissa openly prays god and serves Weed. No one can prohibit this, and under this act, it is legalized. Unfortunately, only three states are there legalized for Weed only for medicinal use which is significantly less. They are many big brands out there in foreign just because of our source. We don’t know anything, so we need to have an open mind regarding Weed. Don’t discourage stoners. People who don’t get high they die a not so peaceful death. So it’s better if you are dying due to any disease try cannabis, at least you’ll die peacefully, and nevertheless, you will live more for sure.

Why Ganja is banned but Bhang not?

Is Bhang not banned in India? Why? Because we as human species are two-faced poker persons. Bhang is our cultural state of amusement, and due to holi, it is not banned. Here the question arises? Is Weed not our part of our culture? It’s a joy giver; it is a liberator. Still, the perception is created in our mind of Weed as a wrong drug and where tobacco and alcohol are good appetizers just because if Weed gets legalized the market for foreign medicines and alcoholic drink would go down. But who cares right? Well, Modi Ji once said we should follow you make in Indian mythology? Then why not act on it?

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