How to smoke weed for the first time?

smoke weed first time

In countries like the United States, Canada, Spain, India etc., where people tend to smoke a lot more than other countries, it’s natural that you might get curious about weed at some point, basically when there’s a question of smoking weed for the first time. A few people tend to do it impulsively while others tend to plan their first smoke while smoking weed it’s good to have few experienced people around than to smoke it all alone.

Having experienced people around might heighten your overall experience. Result of smoking weed and getting high might be different depending upon individuals but, one thing is for sure, that the first drag is going to change you forever. While smoking my first joint, I had a few difficulties, and it took me a few joints to thoroughly enjoy and understand the reason why people love marijuana so much.

And if you are an individual who is thinking about smoking weed for the first time and have no clue whatsoever- how do you smoke it right? We have few pointers for virgins of weed that will surely enhance your weed experience.

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How to Smoke Weed The Right Way?

There is no right or wrong way to smoke weed, but there are ways which can ease your smoking experience, and in this post, I will exactly try to tell you that so that your first weed smoking experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Choose your pieces of buds wisely.

For beginners, picking marijuana can be puzzling, particularly when one has so not as much information at their choice in weed buds. As a beginner, I’m confident that there is nothing you would love more than to have all of the best strains held with you. Always prefer moist and plump green buds.

Consider quality at the highest priority.

Choose your strain wisely as quality standards vary from place to place, country to country. Most states have started cultivating hybrid strains which contain a fair amount of THC as compared to legal cannabis. Always prefer to go for light green buds that are seedless, if you are not handy with hybrid kush. I suggest you not buy dry weed as it might be old.

Things required for smoking weed

Things that required for rolling weed joints are rolling sheets, filter, lighter, weed crusher. Once you have all of these things, you are all set to go.

Prepare to get high.

Always keep your mind steady for the trigger in your adrenaline rush. You’d feel mad high if you’re not hydrated enough. Try to divert your joy in the right direction, such as listening to music or playing games. You’ll never feel anxious if you do so.

Get your weed: 

More often than not the person who is purchasing weed for the first time will smoke weed from their friends’ stash, yet they are always some friends who either are forced to smoke it or they by themselves tend to smoke it. So for the first step to smoke weed, one must need to have weed and to suffice this case, one must consider the following things before they get their stash!

Do not get influenced by some unknown person:

It’s very much simply insane man that you haven’t consumed THC previously and even some people try or force you to smoke a joint, water bongs, eat a weed brownie, god forbid, it is quite pathetic. One must know what amount he needs to inhale or how he needs to inhale the drags of such a hard, dense smoke. Some people have never even smoked cigarettes, and they directly jump onto smoking weed joints or blunts. A true friend will never do such a thing to you. Guys, you know that it is not easy getting high on cannabis, so kindly beware from such friends and gain a hard in-depth knowledge on this. Rest it’s your choice at the end.

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