How to smoke marijuana?

How to smoke Marijuana

Above all else, you guys must be thinking what pot is? Right?  

In an era, like we’re living, even kids who have not by any means contacted young knows about it and has a taste of it. Broadcasting channels like Netflix and so on is snowballing. With it, pot or marijuana is considerably more advanced in numerous motion pictures or web series of Hollywood and Bollywood. For instance, Weed is much more promoted in many movies, like, Fear and loathing las vegas, We are your friends, gully boy, etc. unlike the politicians who are trying not to implement or promote it anyway are lacking it in way too much and are deficient with regards to it in an excessive amount of as there is the very absence of information among them. For instance, if in India if tobacco is legal which leads to proven cancer and contains a great deal of tar in it has not been banned yet as it brings a lot of tax for the government. No offence, but our government is flopping hard as they don’t see a future where Weed is sanctioned and draws out a great deal of tax for the government and in the long run balances outgrowth of cancer. I agree that all kinds of smoke lead to cancer, but till now there have been no recorded deaths who smoke marijuana to date.

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What is marijuana?

Marijuana, as we all know, is known through many names such as Weed, cannabis, ganja, hashish, pot, hybrid kush etc. But most importantly, people lack knowledge of how to smoke marijuana.

Well, Weed, in particular, is a little monster who’ll give you an incredible high with just a small puff of it.

It is a plant that grows in an unusually cold region out of which you need to pluck out the buds of it and then smoke it deep in your lungs as if you’re not inhaling deep enough you won’t feel much! Just smoke as deep as you can as it’ll benefit out in many ways:

  1. Removes out the stress: As you inhale the smoke of Weed, you get the anticipation of what you’re feeling is way too light.
  2. Removes the pain out of your muscles: As lactic acid gets produced in your muscles, Weed makes it all go away in just a minute.
  3. Align out your thoughts: Weed makes you much more stable as by smoking it you feel like to align your studies as per your perception, unlike following up with the reality over every time.
  4. Mentally makes you durable: Whenever you’re feeling negative, smoking weed makes you anticipate what you want to achieve in life.
  5. Cures anxiety: Smoking weed leads to much lesser stress.

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There is one negative effect of smoking marijuana what we think?

Weed vs Alcohol

It makes you less douchebag than alcohol does!

How to smoke marijuana?

First of all, to smoke Weed, you need to get your lungs together as it is only suitable for adults (above the age of 21) so you must make your kids stay out of this, in a country like India where cannabis is still banned. Still, you need to brace yourselves and be patient because it might get legal in the next coming years. Known politicians like Priyanka Gandhi who come from a well-educated family once tried to initiate this prospectus but failed hard because mostly uneducated humans are running the country. Weed is simple to smoke, crush the bud, roll a blunt, or use a bong and vape it out yet there are some factors to consider before getting high. However, let’s get back to the point of how to smoke Weed.

How to roll a joint?

How to roll a joint

First of all, you need to gather all the supplies, for example, sheet, filter roach, cannabis, lighter, crusher.

Second of all, to roll a joint begin with crushing the Weed in the grinder, take out all the stems and seeds, and then create a filter of joint. Moving forward, fill the joint with marijuana and roll the joint by licking the pasting area and finally boom the joint by lighter, making sure no sideburn is there. Enjoy!

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How to Smoke Weed for the first time?

For beginners, take a small deep puff, or you’ll eventually end up coughing your soul out as it would turn out to be your happy death day instead of happy lungs day. Don’t mouth frag it anytime as mouth fragging leads to throat cancer. Just inhale deeply as you’ll be going to feel deep in your lungs the paradise of it. However, you’ll be needing to bring a little amount of fresh air too after when you inhale the drags. 3-4 drags, and you’ll fly high.

How to smoke marijuana if you are an intermediate stoner?

Anything which done beyond limits becomes an addiction. Nevertheless, you all also be thinking how long does a weed high last? Well, it depends totally upon the strain which you’re smoking and the amount of THC you’re intaking. 

Genuinely the cannabis high lasts for 2-3 hours if it is smoke, and 5-6 hours if consumed in the form of a weed brownie. For intermediate stoner, it is recommended to smoke around two slim joints a day as everything which is done in limits always makes you stay less addicted. There is one myth at times that if you’ll hold the smoke for long would probably bring more high, but the facts at this stage are that you only need to inhale the puffs deeply, take a pause for a moment and then exhale all the smoke very slowly. It is how you’ll be feeling as good as Dogg. You can go ahead if you’d feel like the no tar in weed smoke for as long as you can but believe me holding for 5 seconds makes sense and is better.

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How to Smoke Weed if you’re a pro-level stoner?

For people who achieved pro levels already! Well, there are no such recommendations for them because they are at a stage where they’ll turn out to be in a flip mode and do selfish things sometimes, as anxiety brings a lot of rage in them and the only thing which would make them calm is the smoke of marijuana.

Sometimes stoners are miserable at times if they don’t get Weed when needed and we can all agree on that. 

Weed is though much safer and best than tobacco. Tobacco causes proven cancer, yet Weed doesn’t, it provides tar free weed smoke, and there has not recorded deaths to date.

A country like India wherein the 90’s it was legal, but due to politics it went illogical and was highlighted under drugs. My friend’s first thing I need to clear out is that Weed is not a complete drug. It is a plant for drugs. From the plant of Weed, it is further extracted from Weed and then turned into forms of drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc.


In conclusion, it is not as good as it seems, for anyone to do drugs unless you are a psychopath musician who needs to get into the depths of reality of the music dimensions. But researchers long ago put their efforts in researching the harms of Weed in the US, and it is stated by the researchers that there is no such harm being done to adults via Weed as compared to meth cocaine and heroin etc. They make your face dull and eventually lead to suicidal temptations, but by smoking Weed, none of the things happens. Weed, on the other hand, makes your pain go all away without any harmful effect. 

However, it is recommended if you have a sore throat kindly don’t smoke at all whether it’s a weed or anything as it is going to make your sore throat worse.

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