How to roll a cross joint?

How to roll a cross joint

Hello, y’all stoners out there? Do you believe that you’re a true stoner? Yes? Be that as it may, have you at any point had a go at making a cross joint? No? Hope so! Not sure how to roll a cross joint? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out. We know now that you’ve heard about it. You might be curious by now on how to get wake and baked with a perfect cross joint next morning. Here are the steps you need to take with Ms Mary Jane for an ideal date with a new technique.

How To Roll A Cross Joint

Step by Step, guide on how to roll a cross joint?

The things that require for a cross joint would be the same things you require to make a typical joint, but you’ll need it more this time. Moreover there are are few things more that you’ll need this time. These are as follows:

  • 2-3 grams of Weed or marijuana
  • 2 Rolling Paper (Both Large and Small ones)
  • 4-5 Extra Rolling Paper 
  • One crusher
  • Roach or Filter tip
  • Needle or a paper clip
  • Scissor
  • And Lighter

Let’s start:

Break up your Weed and put it into the crusher:


While you are thinking of rolling a Cross Joint you first need to crush your Weed and sort the seed and stems out so that the Weed properly burns and the taste remains good. Grind it but not that fine.

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Roll Joints:

Roll two joints

You need to roll two joints to make cross joints. First, create a fat joint just like a blunt one. Roll it in a cone shape. Put some extra weed on the top to do this and then the filter at the end. Make sure it is secure. Close the end of the fat joint. Then go ahead and make another joint but just a regular one. Just roll a straight joint, not in a cone shape to be specific. Make it skinny enough so that it quickly gets fit in the fat joint. Please don’t make the second joint fat; it won’t help in making cross joints. Twist the ends of the small joint. The fat joint should be made with a filter and the regular weed joint without the filter as you are supposed to burn both the sides of the slim joint. Just do it.

Cut Glue strips from the extra paper:

Save extra paper for pasting

As you’ve made two joints “one fat and one small”. 

The Next Step is to cut the glue strips of extra rolling papers you are left with as later on when you’ll be inserting the small joint in the fat one; you’ll be needing it eventually to paste it in perfect shape.

Make a plan :

make a plan

Now for as to make a cross joint, you need first to make a plan keeping in mind where to entirely place and insert the slim joint into the fat one. Make a mark on that point. To elucidate in a better way, mark the end where the amount of Weed above the cross should be equal to the amount of Weed in the small joint.

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Start forming the hole:

point a hole in fat joint

Start making a hole with the help of a needle or a paper clip on the point and poke a hole carefully. Finish forming the cave. Rotate the pin until the gap is wide enough for the joint to fit snugly.

Combine and seal the joints:

insert small joint into the fat one

Feed the small joint through the fat joint rotate and wiggle to get it through. Poke a hole through the little joint and seal the two joints using the glue strips together in an X pattern.

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You’re ready:

cross joint is ready

Light the tip of the fat joint first and take a puff and then light both the twist sides. The twisted sides would burn the same time and end while the fat joint to the marked point does. Enjoy your cross joint and get baked.

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